Labour Economics: Theory and practice


Kalandar Abdurakhmanov


Doctor of Economics, Professor Robert Crane

Doctor of Economics, Professor B. Islamov

Edtitorial Board

Academician of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Kh. Saidov

Doctor of Economics, Professor V.I. Grishin

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor C.A. Sharipov

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Prof. UZ Ph.D. Arkadiusz Świadek

Prof. US Ph.D. Joanna Wiśniewska

Prof. US Ph.D. Krzysztof Janasz

Prof. UG Ph.D. Sylwia Pangsy-Kania


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ISBN UK Print 978-1-912966-00-4

ISBN UK E-Book 978-1-912966-01-1

ISBN PL Print 978-83-62062-74-4

ISBN PL E-Book 978-83-62062-81-2

No of pages 698, Format A-4 210x297mm

Printed version with soft cover

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Labour Economics: Theory and practice book

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