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The Physarum polycephalum slime mould is a large single cell capable for distributed sensing, concurrent information processing, parallel computation, and decentralized actuation. The ease of culturing and experimenting with Physarum polycephalum makes this slime mould an ideal substrate for real-world implementations of unconventional sensing and com-puting devices. The project Physarum Chip: Growing Computers from Slime Mould (its lead-er is prof. Andrew Adamatzky, the research is supported by the Seventh Framework Pro-gramme FP7-ICT-2011-8) focused on theoretical and experimental laboratory studies on sens-ing and computing properties of slime mould, and development of mathematical and logical theories of Physarum behaviour. The project resulted in the design and prototyping of a Physarum Chip.

This book contains some selected works prepared by us within the Physarum Chip project.

We would like to express our warm gratitude to all our collaborators in the Physarum Chip project, but, first of all, to Andrew Adamatzky, Ludmila Akimova and Jeff Dale Jones with whom the collaboration was really significant for us. This book includes some papers written jointly with them.

Title: Physarum Machines. Selected Works

Authors: Andrew Schumann, Krzysztof Pancerz


prof. Andrew Adamatzky (Bristol, UK)

dr Andrzej Szelc (Rzeszow, Poland)


University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow

St. Sucharskiego 2, 35-225 Rzeszów, Poland

Scientific Publishing House IVG

St. Cyfrowa 6, 441 Szczecin, Poland


email: biuro@wydawnictwoivg.pl


Place and date of issue: Rzeszów-Szczecin 2016 rok

Pages: 344

Type: ebook OPEN ACCESS

Size: 8,51 Mb

Downloadable file: pdf


ISBN 978-83-62062-74-4 ebook OPEN ACCESS

ISBN 978-83-64286-59-9 ebook OPEN ACCESS

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Physarum Machines. Selected Works ebook

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