• Physarum Chip: Growing Computers from Slime Mould. Logical Aspects ebook

Symbolic-logical, mathematical and programming aspects of the Physarum chip have been studied by Andrew Schumann and Krzysztof Pancerz in Rzeszow, Poland, and this book contains some materials from both periodic reports including a list of published works (Part I) and from conference presentations (Part II and Part III). In Part II we consider logics of Physarum machines and in Part III we consider a programming of Physarum machines. Part I and III are written jointly by Andrew Schumann and Krzysztof Pancerz. Part II is written solely by Andrew Schumann. This book does not cover all results obtained by us, but just some results which are mentioned in the periodic reports and presented at conferences. We are grateful for our collaboration to Andrew Adamatzky, Martin Grube, Jeff Jones, Andrei Khrennikov, Jan Woleński, and Ludmila Akimova with whom we have written some papers jointly. In this book we have used some experimental photos taken by our colleagues and pub-lished in some joint papers (the references to these papers are given with the photos properly).

The aim of this book is to help the reader to learn our main ideas implemented in the project fast, without reading long argumentation and mathematical or programming details. This book contains main logical ideas, philosophical presuppositions, and mathematical results used in designing the Physarum chip.

Title: Physarum Chip: Growing Computers from Slime Mould. Logical Aspects

Authors: Andrew Schumann, Krzysztof Pancerz


Prof. Andrew Adamatzky (Bristol, UK)

dr Andrzej Szelc (Rzeszow, Poland)



University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow

St. Sucharskiego 2, 35-225 Rzeszów, Poland

Scientific Publishing House IVG

St. Cyfrowa 6, 71-441 Szczecin, Poland


email: biuro@wydawnictwoivg.pl


Place and date of issue: Rzeszów-Szczecin 2016 rok

Pages: 137

Type: ebook OPEN ACCESS

Rozmiar: 5,21 Mb

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ISBN 978-83-62062-73-7 ebook

ISBN 978-83-64286-58-2 ebook 

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Physarum Chip: Growing Computers from Slime Mould. Logical Aspects ebook

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